If you believe hard enough

They will get up and dance

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You can learn a whole lot more about me at bytheshoreline, but this is my private writing journal. It's where I keep track of, (and usually begin writing), stories and poems. Lately, that's meant delving into the world of fanfiction. ("House, M.D." is my fandom. Watch it, love it. Tuesday nights at 9 on FOX, peoples.)

The name was inspired by a quote another lj member said in a comment to me:

"Like, the dancing tortoises.
You don't usually see one dance because no one expects them to
or believes that they will.
But, on a great day, if you believe hard enough,
they will get up and dance."


One day, I may decided to make this journal public. I've already shared most of my works with other people, but I add my commentary/thoughts here, (one of the main reasons it's private.)

Now that you know there's nothing to see here...